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Cents-Less the Game

Cents-Less the Game

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Cents-less (or the Penny Drop Game) is a super simple game of luck and risk that is perfect for all ages. To play, you will just need 12 pennies per player and the rules are simple. The object is to get rid of all your pennies! Roll the dice, and place a penny in the slot on the game box. You can then choose to roll again or pass. The catch is, if you roll a slot that is already occupied, you must take ALL the pennies on the board. The 6 slot is a free space where the pennies drop into the box so it is constantly clear. Will you risk it all to win or try to set the person after you? It's up to you! 

A few laughs and groans are guaranteed in this game and the simplicity ensures that everyone will have a blast playing. Directions are engraved on the side of the box so you will never forget the rules. The top easily slides to empty out the pennies that fall through and to store all your pennies for future games. 

Pennies NOT included. 

Please message us if you prefer different paint colors to the black/red.

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