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Custom Engraved Recipe Board- Teak

Custom Engraved Recipe Board- Teak

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This custom-engraved keepsake is the perfect way to preserve an heirloom recipe for years to come. Our process is simple, you send us a photo of your recipe, we hand trace it, engrave it on a beautiful board, and send it to you. When ordering, please note if there is anything in the recipe you'd like to add (ie. a signature, a date, etc) or remove (ie. scribbles, typos, etc). In general, all stains and lines will be removed to isolate the handwriting. 

Teak Board Info; rectangle shape with a juice groove. Size 16"x12". Teak is a tropical wood that has a softer rating, making the engraving darker. It has a lot more personality and variation in grain tones on the board. It is resistant to warping and cracking due to the high-quality nature of the wood. 

Due to the nature of the wooden cutting boards, the finished product will vary from these photos. There also may be variations in engrave color due to wood grain.

If you require more than one of the same board, please reach out so that we can best assist you.

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